Friday, April 29, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 Dilancarkan

Salam Sejahtera.

Ubuntu 11.04 baru saja dilancarkan. Dapatkan imej ISO anda di sini.
Shipit CD sudah dihentikan, jadi anda kena mua turun menggunakan talian anda sendiri


John Rogers said...

Hi Najmi,

just had a read of your blog; it's very interesting for me, thanks.

i'm currently trying to write the literature review section of my thesis. i'm using a combination of windows, sciplore, endnote, openoffice. i have tried to use; ubuntu, sciplore, mendeley, jabtex, libreoffice. To be honest, none of it is working for me the way i would like it to, or the way that it needs to. I know enough about computers to get myself into trouble, but never enough to resolve the problems.

So, the question is, can you do consultancy/freelance work to help me set up my computer the way it needs to be?

Ideally, i'd like to run on ubunu 11.04, using sciplore that is properly integrated with a reference manager and a word processor.

I live in Kota Damansara and can travel (i use laptop) to most of KL.



najmi said...

Hi John, already replied to your email. Thanks!

MyReno2u said...

bro kena buat blog tutorial..senang org baca..

najmi said...

reno, baru perasan comment ko ni lepas almost 5 mths.

aa ni kira tutorial la kot heheh