Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Data Analysis Application

You might dealing with data, a lot of them. Now that you want to interpret them all, say, making sense of them and show those figures to your boss. As for my case, for my literature readers.

Data obtained from many sources, say from the existing dataset - or the one that you create on your own. Perhaps, we may be able to make some conclusion or future prediction, as closest to the highest probability as possible.

Ever use Weka?

Weka, is an open source software developed by Univ of Waikato researchers years back. It has been used in many literatures, including my domain, malware research.

Default file format for Weka is ARFF.. and I managed to convert them from Comma Separated Value file, CSV. Tools involved including Clustering, Classification, Association and many others. If you're in Data Mining and Machine Learning; this is your friend. In some sense Pattern Recognition area may need Weka as well.

If you're used to Matlab and Weka, please share your opinion in using both for data analysis. I know many friends who did their research for Image Processing used to Matlab for pattern recognition problem.

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