Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Note to myself: Installing NTOP in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is known with its wonderful tool (which actually Debian's); apt-get/aptitude.

I was having trouble to get my RRD plugin shows the network load graph in Ubuntu, although the apt-get should resolve that automatically. The following is the method that I gathered from various online sources, so that I can refer back whenever I need to do a fresh install.

sudo mkdir /var/lib/ntop/rrd
sudo mkdir /var/lib/ntop/rrd/graphics
sudo mkdir /var/lib/ntop/rrd/flows
sudo mkdir /var/lib/ntop/rrd/interfaces
sudo mkdir /var/lib/ntop/rrd/interfaces/eth0

sudo mkdir /var/lib/ntop/rrd/interfaces/eth1
sudo mkdir /var/lib/ntop/rrd/interfaces/ppp0

sudo chmod -R 775 /var/lib/ntop
sudo chown -R nobody:nogroup /var/lib/ntop/rrd

*note, for eth0, eth1, pp0, you may need to replace that with your own preference, some machine, such as Dell Latitude D430 use wlan0 for its Wifi card.

I also could not understand, this problem was let ignored for several releases, and no action being taken so that ntop could work just straight away with RRD. 


Dan Chen said...

Has a bug report been filed for this symptom?

najmi said...

Hi Chen,

I am not aware about the report-I never checked, but the solution that I got was somewhere in the Internet.. I forgot the link as I put inside my personal notes.