Sunday, February 26, 2012

Using WebDAV with cloud

You may want to mount you account by your Ubuntu.

What you need;

sudo aptitude install davfs2 -y

This will get DAV file system being enabled.

Later, what you could do is to put your details in davfs configuration file, located at /etc/davfs2/secret

Next, you need to mount the through davfs using mount command. 
You can put inside your etc/fstab too, but I found out the system will complain it cannot mount the filesytem (heck, you need to connected to network before you can mount. Wireless connection usually only being enable when you already reached your desktop interface). So I suggest you simply use the command line mount command:

Create mount location first;

sudo mkdir /media/

A bit lengthy, you could paste this to a file, let say and chmod +x, execute by ./ later on:
sudo mount -t davfs /media/

You can also find someone else blogged the methods of accessing WebDAV by using nautilus, which is fairly simple too. But I prefer the CLI way :)

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