Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 - Anytime now

Ever downloaded the BETA version of Ubuntu 12.04? What do you think about the features and performance of this version?

Please tell and share with us!



ff1 said...

i dont have good experience with 12.04 beta 2:
1-like previous releases it works with unity which is disaster in my opinion.Dramatical change in the way how system is used without tools helping in configuration .
2-there is no tool helping to be sure what libraries are installed now in the system.In old fasioned ubuntu there was good tool to install/deinstall now is very good looking but not presenting all needed infos.
3-I WANT to be able to make shorcuts to files,folders on my desktop.But now because of unity it is not possible.So the whole system is not pleasant at all in every day use.
4-ubuntu cant properly work with Huawei E398 (lte modem).This is scandal!!!How long it takes ubuntu programmers to implement proper service of newest hardware which is very important in mobile world!

najmi said...

Hopefully the stable release address all that :)

Have your reported the bugs/or made request in any way? They could hear you :)