Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ipraytime, prayer time tool for Muslims

When it comes to prayer times, I usually checked for JAKIM's e-solat page, here . As it's the only trusted source for prayer times in Malaysia, it could have been hit by massive simultaneous access when it comes to the early of the month, because some applications simply grab the data from that website to feed their apps.

I rarely use ipraytime, but it does have features that I believe as accurate it could be. Ipraytime is included in Ubuntu/Mint, within itools package. Hence you can simply install by

sudo aptitude install itools -y 
or sudo apt-get install itools -y

The usage is fairly straight forward

You can get your current position by using latitude marker in google map, or your own smartphone.

Let say your position:3.14004,101.74932

ipraytime -lat 3.14004 -lon 101.74932 -a 1 -m

For Malaysia, usually the angle method is Egyptian General Authority of Survey so the -a flag is meant for that. -m is for monthly schedule.

Or you can simply put your favorite location in your $HOME/.iprayrc with the following format:

City: Ampang,Malaysia
Latitude: 3.13998
Longitude: 101.74940
AngleMethod: 1
UTC: 8

Hence when you invoke 
ipraytime -m

Later on or just ipraytime it will show the position that you have specified.
As for the output, some terminals do have problem with showing special characters. But it worked on old school terminals such as xterm and the minimalist mrxvt

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