Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recovering formatted device with photorec

I recently got problem with my microSD card which I used in my SGS II phone - it tells that my card is not formatted, which is odd. I then use my another device to read, and try to reformat but seems the same message appeared.

Later, I tried to read it from my Linux Mint, it does not detected at all. By using looking at /dev/ seems there's device there.. so I opt to use mkfs to format the card, it worked.

However, that card contained many pictures of my lovely daughter and my wife.

My friend, later suggested to use "photorec", which is conveniently could be installed with [check first]:

$apt-cache search photorec
testdisk - Partition scanner and disk recovery tool

It's in testdisk package

To install:

sudo apt-get install testdisk

Try to play around with the flag, you recovered file could be located as you wish:

It's brilliant. Most of my files are recovered, although it seems scattered hence you need to find your important files by yourselves.


Ying Xiong said...

testdisk ni bagus
ada orang siap offer beratus2 suh recover hdd diorang..
tapi estimation time untuk recover tu depends kat saiz disk gak, aku recover 500gb hdd aku pun 6jam.
tapi dua tahun lepas nye la, tak tau la kalo latest testdisk lagi perform. dah lama tak main forensic

najmi said...

kalau offer ratus2 ok la 6jam tu.. berbaloi tu bro